St. Ann’s Bay

St. Ann’s Bay’s is deemed the site where Christopher Columbus first Anchored when he “discovered” Jamaica in 1494 but there is still an active debate about this as many believe Columbus first landed at the site which is now called Discovery Bay. Columbus named the landing spot Santa Gloria and established the town of Seville as Jamaica’s first capital city. He famously remarked that the land he had discovered was “the fairest that eyes had beheld” Christopher Columbus’s discovery is remembered today with a statue of his likeness on the roundabout just West of town.

St. Ann’s Bay became the capital of St. Ann Parish, largely due to the town’s extensive shipping facilities. However, in recent years, Ocho Rios has grown rapidly and eclipsed St. Ann’s Bay, both in terms of shipping and tourism. A visit to St. Ann’s Bay nowadays is a step back to olden times. Many of the buildings in the town have been preserved in their original form, most notably the St. Ann Parish Church and the St. Ann’s Bay Courthouse.

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