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Whether you are planning a shore excursion, adventure tour or need airport transfer to your vacation hotel in Jamaica or Cuba?  Budget Tours in Jamaica provides the service you are looking for.   Family fun, hideaways, exclusive villa holidays, all inclusive vacations, groups, business travel and meetings, adventure tours, weddings, airport/hotel transfers, music festivals,  student programs, car rentals, and much more.


We have access to the best fleet of cars and buses in Jamaica. We will take care of all your transportation needs.

Trips and Sightseeing Tours

Our first hand knowledge of the island’s attractions and our strategic alliances enable us to offer you the best value for money in our wide selection of day trips for cruise ship passengers and island excursions for hotel guests. Jamaica offers a wealth of excursion options. From our shoreline to our hills, our bustling cities to our quaint villages, Caribbean World offers tours to all corners of the island as well as custom designs tours according to your interests and vacation or business travel goals. Your excursion is developed with consideration for your group’s time constraints, budget and content needs.

Airport Meet & Greet

Our personalized meet and greet service provides you with assistance from arrival to departure, starting at the airport with immigration and customs if needed as well as tracking of lost luggage including delivery to your hotel. Our uniformed multi-lingual representatives will meet and greet you and escort you to a waiting vehicle or bus.  They will assist you throughout your stay for all your holiday needs, hotel orientation as well as flight reconfirmation and pre-seating.

Individual Travel / Small groups

An ever-growing number of worldwide travelers have discovered Jamaica and Cuba.
Caribbean World offers a wide range of carefully selected, centrally located hotels and local services like transfers, excursions and sightseeing throughout the whole island. Caribbean World your locally competent partner for Individual Travel

Car rentals

We provide a wide selection of quality vehicles for your leisure or business car rental needs.

Incentive Travel
In today’s competitive environment, we believe travel is the best incentive reward because like with cash, the prospect of earning a trip to an exciting destination greatly motivates people .  However, unlike cash, an incentive trip’s value is not quickly spent and forgotten. But performance improvement is not the only return on investment in an incentive travel program.  When properly planned and customized, ground incentive travel can educate, increase morale, build team spirit and improve loyalty. Bringing your people together in an exciting, enjoyable venue builds relationships, and relationship drive business. Making your guest feel special translates into increase loyalty and that’s what we at Caribbean World is here in Jamaica to accomplish.

Thanks to our international experience, extensive local destination know-how and flexibility we can provide any group travel arrangements.

  • Leisure Groups – We specialize in organizing cultural, religious and adventure group trips as well as in tours for students, the elderly, governmental institutes and commercial organizations.
  • Spring Break Groups – Hot spots, hot deals, hot specials….if it’s hot we have it!
  • Music Festival Groups Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Jamaica Carnival – you name it we will get you there – “no problem”.
  • Business Groups – Caribbean World provides professional design and organization, including detailed budgeting for every meeting and incentive program. Our rich network of relations and expert destination know-how is the source of attractive solutions. We place the client’s organization at the focus of each event
  • Sport Event Groups – We plan and prepare our services for all forthcoming sporting events well in advance by pre-booking rooms in the preferred hotels in all potential host cities. We have the necessary contacts to the local authorities to take care of planning, logistics and security.
  • Cruise Ship Groups – As the Caribbean World offices are situated in all major port cities of Jamaica it allows our highly experienced staff to be intimately familiar with all the details necessary in organizing the land arrangements you might require – shore excursions with multi-lingual guides, land arrangements and city packages.


Caribbean World offers advice and assistance with booking arrangements to a wide variety of accommodation possibilities. No need to look any further, we have it all: All inclusive club hotels, small hotels, private villas, extravagant boutique hotels and more.

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